Day 2 – How I Saved Today

Now that I am on my way towards saving $20,000 in one year on a New York budget, I figure its time I start looking for ways to cut costs. Again, the goal here is not to miss out on the things I enjoy, but to A) find ways to enjoy them for less or B) cut out things that don’t increase my happiness long term.

For instance, I like to grab a smoothie twice a week on my walk to work. Now that I am being more cost aware of my daily choices I decided to glance at my receipt that I would normally just throw in the trash. My smoothie cost me $8.32 this morning. If I’m purchasing a smoothie twice a week as I said, then that means I’m spending over $865.00 per year!

For the rest of my walk to the office I had an internal argument with myself about whether or not it was worth it to continue buying these smoothies. I am trying to save more money, but I also don’t want to make too many sacrifices. After giving it some more thought, I decided to compromise and see if I could start making my smoothies at home for less.

After a quick Amazon search I found a nutribullet blender for $49. Then I went to my favorite place for groceries, (click here to read why its my favorite). I was able to order 3lbs of frozen tropical fruit for $10.49 and a 2.5lbs bag of frozen spinach for $8.99. Add in a low cal orange juice for $4.29 and I’ll be able to net 6 smoothies for $23.77. That amounts to a savings of $404.00 per year!!

Who would have though that something as simple as looking at a receipt would spark such a simple solution to save a few hundred dollar. This doesn’t need to end at homemade smoothies either. Refillable K-cups and a Keurig can cut down the cost of coffee to less than a dollar a day over the course of a year (not to mention reduce your carbon footprint too). I will definitely be incorporating this strategy into my daily routine for now on, and can’t wait to see what other ways I come up with for saving on food costs. Be sure to check back soon for my post on how has helped me cut my grocery bill by 30%!

Happy Saving,


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