Cooking in Bulk

Another great way I have found to help reduce my expenses is by cooking in bulk. If you don’t mind eating the same recipe for a few meals in a row this can be a great way to overcome those days where you are short on time or just aren’t in the mood to cook.

I’ve also found that it is often tough to avoid spoiled ingredients when you are only cooking for one person most of the time. Again, cooking multiple portions helps to eliminate this problem so that you aren’t wasting dollars.

And with the internet its incredibly easy to learn to cook these days. Whether you watch a video on Youtube or you find another website with step by step directions (There are thousands of them), learning to cook has never been easier!

Just last week I attempted to make turkey bolognese for the first time and I have no complaints with how it turned out. I found an article online that seemed easy enough and I knew I already had most of the ingredients, so all it took was 40 minutes of my time to cook up 4 meals worth of a pasta dish.

By cooking these meals ahead of time I’ve now eliminated my two biggest excuses for ordering delivery: “I don’t have time” and “I’m too lazy”

I almost forgot to mention, these four meals cost me less than $20 total to make so I’m now eating meals for less than $5 as opposed to ordering seamless where most restaurants have a $15 minimum.

Below are just a few of my favorite websites that I use for meal inspiration:

I’m especially a big fan of It’s a website where you enter the ingredients you already have at home and it generates a list of potential recipes that you can cook with the ingredients you already have. This is great if its near the end of the month and my grocery budget is starting to get tight.

When I started to couple bulk cooking with bulk online grocery shopping (check back tomorrow for that post), I was able to cut my grocery bill from an average of $402 per month down to just $227 this month. Not only am I paying less for my groceries by ordering them online, but I’m not throwing them out because of spoilage either, resulting in me needing to order groceries less often.

If you have any more food related savings tips please be sure to comment what they are below!

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