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Waking Up Early Is the Real Boss Shit

Back in March, Wiz Khalifa tweeted about how he likes to wake up early now and it ended up with over 450k likes:

In my opinion, Wiz isn’t wrong either, the early riser’s club is filled with famous business men and women. The likes of which include:

  • Apple CEO – Tim Cook
  • Xerox CEO – Ursula Burns
  • Virgin Group Founder – Sir Richard Branson

Getting that extra hour or two of sleep is tempting though, and many people often believe that more sleep will allow them to be better rested and more productive. It is true, we all need sleep to maintain our health, but adjusting your sleep schedule has it’s benefits too. Here are 3 reasons (and 3 tips) why waking up early “is the real boss shit.”

Better Concentration

Waking up early allows you to concentrate more throughout the day for a number of reasons, which include:

  • More time in the morning for a proper breakfast. When we give ourselves time in the morning we have more time to prepare a proper (and healthier) breakfast. People who are rushing out the door tend to grab something convenient, which is often portable and filled with unhealthy preservatives. Not only does a proper breakfast give you more sustainable energy for the day but it will also improve your health as well
  • Having more time in the morning also gives you time to get past the morning fog that others are still dealing with when they get to the office in the morning. So while they are procrastinating at the coffee pot in the morning, you can be at your desk working through your to do list in the morning.

Reduces Stress

In New York City especially, there are always people around and whether we like to admit it or not, other people around us cause us think and act differently. When our minds are constantly on and worried about what others think of our appearance, our actions, or our words, it can cause a lot of stress to build up. On top of that, when we wake up late we go straight to the office to start our work for the day and rob ourselves of hours we could be spending doing something for ourselves.

Having some quiet time in the morning while others sleep can be extremely relaxing. Not only do you have hours to spend the way you would like to, but Manhattan itself is much more quiet and peaceful as well.

Exercise More

Yes, it’s possible to workout after you leave the office, but I find other things are more likely to pop up that keep me from working out in the evening.

Working out in the morning also has many health benefits which include:

  • Reducing stress by lowering blood pressure throughout the day
  • Weight Loss by burning more fat throughout the day

Even if you can only squeeze in fifteen minutes in the morning a few sets of push ups, yoga, or curls can be just enough to get the heart pumping and kick start it for the rest of your day.

Tips For Waking Up Earlier

Put your Alarm Away From Your bed

This forces you to leave your bed which is often the hardest part. There is always an aspect of self control as well, so I like to stumble into my kitchen for a glass of water. If find that it helps me avoid getting back into bed by leaving my room.

Start Slowly

Don’t just try to start waking up at 5am one day. You are far more likely to fail and lose the motivation to do so. Start by waking up 15 minutes earlier (remember how I keep talking about the aggregate of marginal gains?). And then each day or week keep knocking that back 15 more minutes until you reach your desired time to wake up.

Have a Good Reason

Make waking up early feel like a reward. Don’t just immediately jump into your laundry list of work emergencies. Prioritize doing something for yourself first. I’m still working to reach the 5am goal that I would like to get to one day but for now, I’m waking up a half hour earlier than I need to and I spend that time reading a chapter of whatever book I’m currently reading and cooking myself breakfast. I’d like to eventually add working on my blog to that list in the morning as well, but for now I will just keep inching towards my rising earlier and earlier.

I hope I have been able to convince you of the benefits of rising early. It’s the number one habit for success. As always, please be sure to post your thoughts below and follow me on social media if you aren’t already.

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