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NYC Restaurant Week – 7 Days Left!

I’m a little late to the game in posting about this as it has already been going on for two weeks, but it you haven’t already, you need to book a reservation for New York City Restaurant Week. This is one of two times each year where you can dine at some of Manhattan’s best restaurants on the cheap.

With names like Ai Fiori, Delmonico’s, Bobo, and The Flatiron Room this is your best opportunity to enjoy some fine dining at a drastically reduced price!

Restaurant Week was originally supposed to be a one time thing to welcome the Democratic National Convention in 1992 but local New Yorkers enjoyed it so much that it has been coming back for over 27 years now! In fact it’s gotten so popular that it happens in both the summertime and winter now, so if you can’t make it in the final 7 days (Restaurant week is actually closer to three weeks) then have no fear, another opportunity is just around the corner. Take a look below to see everything that I think you need to know:


This summer’s restaurant week started on July 22nd and will end on August 16th

How do I know if a restaurant is participating?

Take a look HERE to check out NYCGo’s website and browse the over 370 restaurants that are currently participating. You can filter by cuisine, time of day, week, and location.

What is the actual deal?

If you are attending lunch then all participating restaurants offer a two-course meal for $26. For dinners they offer 3-course meals for $42 and you can often add a glass of very nice wine for $12

*Word of caution: Make sure the restaurant you choose is offering both dinner and lunch! I once got stuck with a $200 bill for not doing this as some restaurants only offer the deals for lunch!

How do I make a reservation?

Again you can book on NYCGo’s Website by clicking HERE but you can also book reservations through any of the online ordering site like Resy or OpenTable, just be sure to ask for the restaurant week menu specifically when you arrive.

Another good tip when it comes to reservations; if a restaurant seems to be booked online, try giving them a call. With the added business of restaurant week many of these restaurants save a few tables offline in case their regulars want to come in as well.

Now $42 might be out of my normal budget but as I’ve been saying, what the hell is the fun of living in Manhattan if you can’t afford to enjoy Manhattan? Restaurant week offers me a chance to splurge on some great food but this splurge is a much cheaper option than if I were to splurge when the menu prices are at their normal rates.

As always be sure to comment below and follow my social media pages, if you have any additional questions about restaurant week please just comment below as well!

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