Work Hack: Dealing with Two Cell Phones

Hey all! I am back after a nice vacation with my family. Apologies for the lack of posts but I will be getting back into it over the next few days. While I touch up some of the other articles here is a nice little work hack I learned from my brother over the vacation.

If you are like me and many others in the city then you have to carry your personal and work cell phone with you at all times. Well, over my vacation I learned about call forwarding from him. I don’t think this is much of a secret but by dialing *72 and then the number you wish to forward your calls to you can have all of your phone calls forwarded to your personal phone without having to give away your personal number.

The only thing that was holding me back though was not being able to know if someone texted my work phone if I left it behind while out and about over the weekend.

After a little bit of research I’ve found a hack to turn Do Not Disturb While Driving into a de facto out of office message. Now when activated, anyone who texts me will be met with the auto-reply “I am currently away from phone at the moment, if this is an urgent matter please call me as all of my calls are being forwarded to my personal cell, Thank you”

After my trial run this weekend I can say this was a huge success. I received one work call on my personal call and the gentleman who called had mentioned my auto-reply text worked great. I didn’t have to constantly worry about having both phones with me, and I didn’t constantly have that nervousness that I might miss a call if I set the phone down for a while. Overall I was much more relaxed and better able to enjoy my weekend. Take a look below at how to set it up.

Step 1: Add Do Not Disturb While Driving to Control Center

You will want to add the Do Not Disturb While Driving button to your control center for easy on off access. (note: Do not enable automatic do not disturb while driving, this can cause your auto-reply to turn on or off unintentionally)

You can add the button to your control center by going to Settings>Control Center>Customize Controls

Once you have added the button your control center should have the following button on it. This will allow you to toggle it on and off.

Step 2: Set Up Your Auto Reply Message

Once you have the easy ability to toggle your auto-reply message on and off. You will want to set up your actual message. To do this go to Settings>Do Not Disturb

Once you are in the Do Not Disturb Section of Settings there are three things you need to do:

  1. Set “Allow Calls From” to everyone. This makes it so no calls are blocked when forwarding to your personal phone
  2. Set “Auto-Reply TO” to All Contacts. This makes it so that everyone who texts you will receive your auto-reply text message.
  3. Set “Auto-Reply” I personally say “I am currently away from my business phone at the moment. If this is an urgent matter please give me a call at (Insert Business Number) as my work calls are currently being forwarded to my personal phone. Thank You”

Thats it for the text reply portion. Now when you leave the office at night or on the weekend you only need to take the following two steps to ensure your work contacts can easily reach you even though you won’t have your work phone on you.

  1. Enable “Do Not Disturb While Driving” from the control center
  2. Forward your calls by dialing *72 then your personal number

*Note: To disable call forwarding dial *73 from your work phone.

Again I have found this hack to be very helpful, and while it is a little bit time consuming to originally set up, it now only takes me 10 seconds to enable when I want it. This is also a great trick because it keeps your personal number private as well.

I hope this hack can be helpful to some of you. Be sure to comment below if it is or if you have any other good work hacks, please let me know. I am always looking for new ways to improve my work/life balance.

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