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Grow Your Own Herbs

Unfortunately as New Yorkers we usually don’t possess the space to grow a significant amount of our food. But just because we a short on space doesn’t mean we shouldn’t grow anything.

I had noticed that when I bought basil, cilantro, etc that the Morton Williams by me only sold it in massive quantities that I couldn’t possible use before going bad. I was paying $4-5 for a bundle of these herbs and then throwing 90% of it away four days later. If you do that twice a week then your looking at upwards of $20 in a single wasted ingredient every month.

Now I’ve reiterated that not every single savings idea is worth the value of your time, and for a long time I thought that saving $20 over the course of a month wasn’t worth a minute of my time. Until the other day when I noticed cilantro, rosemary, and basil plants on sale for $3. The Morton Williams where I was spending $4-5 on herbs at a time was selling plants that would supply me with my own herbs for less than the already harvested and ready to cook with herbs!

My roommates and I had been discussing getting some kind of greenery in our apartment to help liven up the place so when I saw that deal I jumped on it. A quick trip to home depot and an hour of my time later and I had constructed a vertically stacked herb garden on my kitchen wall.

After a few more days these plants were ready to start harvesting and I no longer needed to throw out a significant amount of herbs due to spoilage.

As it turns out I’m actually saving more than $20 or so a month. I’ve found that as the plants start to get overgrown I need to trim them and thus have fresh herbs in need of cooking with. Just having these ingredients readily available has made it easier and more necessary to cook for myself instead of ordering out and spending even more money.

If you’re looking to add some greenery to your apartment and hate having to go to the store last minute to buy that one missing herb you need for dinner then I highly suggest planting a small herb garden in your apartment. It will brighten up your space, help you save a few bucks, and the small joy of successfully caring for something will also brighten your mood as well.

Any other ideas on space efficient foods that can be grown in an apartment? Be sure to comment below and let me know.

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