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How to Avoid Inaction

It’s good to be a pessimist most of the time. It keeps you from making mistakes, it keeps you out of dangerous situations, and it protects you overall. Pessimistic attitudes are a result of natural selection. If a hunter gatherer was out searching for food and heard a noise in a nearby bush guess what… Continue reading How to Avoid Inaction

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Waking Up Early Is the Real Boss Shit

Back in March, Wiz Khalifa tweeted about how he likes to wake up early now and it ended up with over 450k likes: In my opinion, Wiz isn't wrong either, the early riser's club is filled with famous business men and women. The likes of which include: Apple CEO - Tim CookXerox CEO -… Continue reading Waking Up Early Is the Real Boss Shit

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Know the Value of Your Time

I've already mentioned in previous articles that time is our most valuable asset because no matter how much money we have we can't buy more time with it. Today I'd like to take a little deeper dive into how I value my time and how I use that information to help me with decision making.… Continue reading Know the Value of Your Time

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Introducing Financial Wellness Wednesdays

The hustle and bustle of New York causes many different kinds of stresses, but the single biggest is by far money related stress. Not just in New York, but nationwide over 62% of Americans report their number one stress being finance related. I can not stress enough how important I think it is to save… Continue reading Introducing Financial Wellness Wednesdays