Month 2 – Progress Report

Status: Not Good August involved a lot of travel for me that I had not budgeted for. To start I went to visit my family for a week down at the Jersey Shore and then immediately jumped on a flight down to New Orleans for an annual trip with friends from college. I hadn't set… Continue reading Month 2 – Progress Report

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Grow Your Own Herbs

Unfortunately as New Yorkers we usually don't possess the space to grow a significant amount of our food. But just because we a short on space doesn't mean we shouldn't grow anything. I had noticed that when I bought basil, cilantro, etc that the Morton Williams by me only sold it in massive quantities that… Continue reading Grow Your Own Herbs

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How to Avoid Inaction

It’s good to be a pessimist most of the time. It keeps you from making mistakes, it keeps you out of dangerous situations, and it protects you overall. Pessimistic attitudes are a result of natural selection. If a hunter gatherer was out searching for food and heard a noise in a nearby bush guess what… Continue reading How to Avoid Inaction


Work Hack: Dealing with Two Cell Phones

Hey all! I am back after a nice vacation with my family. Apologies for the lack of posts but I will be getting back into it over the next few days. While I touch up some of the other articles here is a nice little work hack I learned from my brother over the vacation.… Continue reading Work Hack: Dealing with Two Cell Phones


How to Afford More with the Same Income

Being able to afford more isn't always about making more money. Sometimes all it takes is redistributing the money your already have so that you can spend it on the things/experiences you want. I've been able to go out with friends, enjoy a nice dinner, or see a show by simply reducing my spending in… Continue reading How to Afford More with the Same Income


Travel Hacking 101

I'm often asked how I afford to take multiple vacations every year. You can tell by the tone of each person’s voice that they have already made up their opinion that I must be spending too much money and should be saving it instead. Here's the thing though, with the exception of my trip to… Continue reading Travel Hacking 101

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NYC Restaurant Week – 7 Days Left!

I'm a little late to the game in posting about this as it has already been going on for two weeks, but it you haven't already, you need to book a reservation for New York City Restaurant Week. This is one of two times each year where you can dine at some of Manhattan's best… Continue reading NYC Restaurant Week – 7 Days Left!